BNET Opens Service Management Centre (SMC) to Support Bahrain’s Telecom Service Providers

BNET Launches SMC

Manama, Bahrain: Bahrain's National Broadband Network (BNET), launched in October 2019 and responsible for providing broadband network services across the Kingdom of Bahrain, has opened its new Service Management Centre (SMC) to support all of Bahrain's licensed service providers. The SMC has been established to provide 24/7 support for Service Assurance and order fulfillment related to all BNET products and services with the aim of enhancing customer experience.

The new SMC is another achievement that is part of BNETs strategy to fulfil its goals in line with the Kingdom of Bahrain's strategy and vision for the telecommunication sector.

BNET CEO Mohamed Bubashait said that “Bahrain's National Broadband Company is delighted to introduce its new SMC which has been developed to improve the delivery of services to its valued customers, the Kingdom's licensed service providers. One of our main strategic pillars is to be a customer-experience focused company. Therefore, at BNET we aim to provide high quality services to Bahrain's licensed service providers and cultivate meaningful relationships with each operator to ensure satisfaction."

Mr. Bubashait went on to extend his thanks and appreciation to BNET Board Chairman Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and all BNET board members for their continuous support and guidance.

BNET Chief Commercial Officer Ahmed AlSharafa added that “through BNET's support to the licensed service providers, end-user customers across Bahrain will benefit from an enhanced experience when applying for new or upgraded broadband services, making their journey faster and more efficient."

"Developing our services is in line with our vision to enable licensed operators in Bahrain to deliver the latest high-speed fiber-optic services. Our goal is to connect 100% of all businesses and 95% of all households across the Kingdom, as part of efforts to ensure a resilient telecommunication infrastructure and support economic growth." he said.

BNET is an independent wholesale broadband provider. As part of Bahrain's fifth National Telecommunication Plan, BNET provides next-generation wholesale fiber broadband connectivity to all licensed telecom operators in Bahrain. It also provides broadband services to large enterprise customers in the Kingdom.

BNET continues to work on enhancing National Broadband connectivity and is committed to enabling the provisioning of quality services to all licensed operators, to positively impact the end-user through the availability of high speed, secure, reliable and affordable internet. This will ultimately lead to improved consumer satisfaction and economic growth, is in line with BNET's vision as a company and the Kingdom's fifth National Telecommunication Plan.




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