Fiber Availability

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While BNET makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the Fiber Checker feature on its website, this service is offered on a best effort basis as the expansion of BNET’s fiber network means that this information is constantly being updated. To ensure that you obtain the best service, we urge you to call the service provider of your choice to place your fiber order. In partnership with the service provider of your choice, we will ensure that fiber is made available to you in the shortest time possible.

Why get Fiber?

Lightning Speed

Fiber is the fastest and most secure form of internet. It is an excellent choice for telecommuters, gamers, multi-user households and businesses.


Fiber connectivity offers steady and reliable high speed. Fiber optics eliminates the possibility of latency or unwanted delays with data processing.


Fiber connects to all your smart devices including phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, etc., making your life as connected, easy and efficient as possible without any loss of quality.