Our Vision

To create a state-of-the-art digital communications infrastructure that enables a safe, secure and smart Kingdom contributing to and promoting economic growth and consumer welfare.

Our Mission

To continuously enhance, manage and optimise an agile, resilient and secure national digital communications infrastructure which enables effective and sustainable market competition.



Consumer Welfare and Economic Growth

Our aim is to actively contribute towards Bahrain’s 2030 vision and turning fifth National Telecommunication Plan into a reality by managing and implementing our vision and strategy, which focuses on creating a digital infrastructure that will enhance Bahrain’s telecommunication sector, ultimately leading to overall economic growth and consumer welfare.

Optimized and Efficient Digital Operations

We utilize new emerging technologies from around the world, in our operations to pave the way for the creation of innovative technologies in our service delivery. This ensures that we achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness, which will speed up the digital growth in Bahrain’s telecommunication sector.

National Broadband Network Development and Support

Our role is to develop Bahrain’s fiber-optic infrastructure to support our government in achieving its vision to become a “Smart Kingdom” and transform our country into an ICT hub in the region. We aim to roll out fiber infrastructure to 100% of all businesses and 95% of all households across the Kingdom of Bahrain to lead the digital transformation.

National Cybersecurity Development and Support

We are developing, managing and protecting an agile and secured national digital communication infrastructure that will protect Bahrain’s national broadband network, critical facilities and digital information to ensure uninterrupted services and consumer welfare.

Encourage and Bolster Sustainable and Effective Competition

Our aim is to ensure Bahrain’s telecommunication sector’s competitiveness and market adaptability dynamics through facilitating and encouraging fair competition among local operators. Bahrain’s National Broadband Network will enable operators to provide their innovative services at competitive prices which will lead to an effective and sustainable service-based competition among local operators.

Customer Experience Focused

We treat all our customers with great passion and equality by providing a first-class customer experience whilst cultivating customer-centric and trustworthy relationships.  Our priority is to always develop and manage strong and meaningful relationships with our customers to ensure their continuous satisfaction. 

Talents Driven and Innovative

We are passionate about what we do, and we take great pride in every single one of our employees as they are the pillars of our success. We continuously aim to foster an innovative and talent-driven working environment as we believe that great customer experience starts with great employee experience. Our aim is to develop national talents and empower Bahraini women in the telecommunication sector. 

Stakeholder Value Creation

We always commit to best business practices through regular communication and engagement with our stakeholders to maintain excellent working relationships with them, in order to drive business continuity, sustainability and maximize the value we offer.